Friday, August 3


Noon – Horse Pull (Free Grandstand)

Sponsored by Marshall Machinery, Inc.

Get a front row seat! Watch as these powerful animals are hitched to a weighted sled, loaded with up to 12,000 pounds! They drag it like ice on the track for no less than 27 feet. It’s exciting! For more information visit:


7:00pm – Demolition Derby (Grandstand: Adults – $6; Children 12 & Under – $4)

Sponsored by Leeward Construction, Inc.

Cheer contestants on driving Economy V8s, Compacts, Trucks and more. Class Rules and Pre-registration is online or the day of the event before the 3pm inspection. The younger contestants (Youth Heat) are asked to pre-register online and present a notarized Waiver of Liability to the fair the night of the derby.


7-10pm – Hoopla (Free Small Stage)



John P. Hopkins > 2 shows daily, 3 shows weekends – Small Show




Agri-Puppets > up to 3 shows and 3 drive around attractions per day – South end of Fairgrounds



Rosaire’s Royal Racers: Pig Racing > Up to 4 shows per day – South end of Fairgrounds
Sponsored by: Grimm Construction, Inc. and Pioneer Construction Co., Inc.




Thank you to all 74,684 visitors of the 156th Wayne County Fair. We'll see you next year at the 157th Wayne County Fair, August 2-10, 2019! Dismiss