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2020 Wayne County Fair On the Grounds Show Schedule

August 7 thru 15, 2020

2 Performances per day
3 on Friday, Saturday and
Camp Day

The Marvelous Mutts

Larry the Chain Saw Carver
All pieces will be on sale during the fair and an auction of unsold pieces will be held the last day of the fair, near the small stage.

Sponsored by Beck, Gogolski, Poska, and Co., Inc. / Sentinel Payroll Solutions

Ryan Gothrup - Glass Blowing Display
All pieces made during the week will be auctioned off on the last day of the fair at the small stage.


2 shows daily
3 on Friday, Saturday and
Camp Day

Wheels of Agriculture Game Show

2 times daily

Tractor Trivia

Up to 4 shows per day

Rosaire's Racing Pigs

Click here to go to their facebook

Sponsored by Grimm Construction, Inc.

August 11 thru 15, 2020

3 performances per day
4 on Friday and Saturday

Oakley the Tree Man

2021 Wayne County Fair dates are August 6th through August 14th